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Workplace Self Defence

It is an unfortunate fact of modern day living, but there is a real need for everybody to learn some form of self-defence. Here at Meridian Kung Fu we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves. So we have put together a flexible and effective program of up to 4 sessions to tackle violence in the workplace or when traveling.


A recent UK study has shown that an estimated 688,000 attacks occur per year, either in the workplace or when travelling. 40% of these attacks result in a serious injury.


To tackle this, we have designed a series of highly effective sessions to tackle the most common scenarios. These sessions are valuable to both self-defence novices or to experienced martial artists. These sessions also provide guidance on things like situational awareness, reasonable force & self-defence against weapons.


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Please get in touch with Sifu Andy to book your sessions and to discuss our hourly rates (with discounts for charities & public services) on 07557 533143 or via

Or please complete the enquiry form below to request a call back. These sessions are run by Sifu Andy Dennis of Meridian Kung Fu Brentwood, who travels all over Essex to deliver personalised courses for your workplace or organisation.

We can cater for your requirements and have 4 options to offer:


  • 30mins Self Defence talk + Q&A
  • Women’s only Self-Defence (1-4 60mins sessions)
  • General Workplace Self-Defence (1-4 60mins sessions)
  • Introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu (1-4 60mins sessions)


In addition to empowering staff with the skills to defend themselves, we know that learning a physical skill such as a martial art can have an incredibly positive impact on an individual’s mental & physical wellbeing. These sessions can also be a popular and fun team building activity.


The practical sessions are safe, educational and fun. Our team of instructors have public liability insurance, are all DBS cleared and have a wealth of experience to share. Our sessions can be provided to individuals, small groups, or scaled up to larger groups (20+). You also do not need a hall or mats, as these sessions can be delivered in any available space. Remember, people are rarely attacked in a nice open space, so it’s great to learn these techniques in a realistic environment. We are able to travel to you, and cover Essex and its surrounding areas, including London.


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As we are committed to assisting the community, 10% of all bookings will be split between Safe Steps & Changing Pathways. Both charities provide valuable services for people affected by domestic abuse.


These self defence sessions can also be tailored to other organisations such as Schools, Colleges & Universities or maybe as an event for a club such as The Rotary Club, Freemasons, Ladies Circle or Women's Institute.

Please get in touch with Sifu Andy to book your sessions and to discuss our hourly rates (with discounts for charities & public services) on 07557 533143 or via