Meridian Kung Fu - Benfleet

Meridian Kung Fu has been building confidence and martial arts excellence in Children and Adults across Essex for over 25 years.

Our proven, professional teaching systems will guide you from a complete beginner to a highly competent, confident martial artist irrespective of age or current physical ability.

Beginner classes for children aged between 3-17 through various programmes that build life skills, develop self-confidence and create amazing young martial artists ready for the world.

Wing Chun beginner Classes for adults of all abilities that introduce traditional martial arts skills, build confidence, improve health & wellbeing and give the ability to effectively defend self and family if needed.

Specialist weapons and advanced training for adults and children who want to push themselves further and become experts in the advanced elements within the Wing Chun system

ABOUT Meridian Benfleet

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes start from 5 years old with no upper age limit. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a traditional Martial Art that suits all levels of fitness and ability and is therefore open to anyone that would like to give martial arts a go. Students that have previous experience of Wing Chun, Kung Fu or other Martial Arts such as Karate, Kick Boxing, Judo or MMA are also welcome, as we can cater of all levels of experience and ability.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered one of the most effective forms of unarmed combat known and practised throughout the world. If you have previously tried another martial art or self defence discipline such as Karate, Kick Boxing or MMA and it has not worked for you give Wing Chun Kung Fu a try. It is unique, it works and it is different to all the others.


Snakes & Cranes 4.30pm - 5.15pm
Holy Family Church Hall, 661 High Road, Benfleet, SS7 5SF
4.45pm - 5.30pm
Runnymede Hall, Kiln Road, Thundersley, SS7 1TF
Junior Wing Chun 5.15pm - 6.15pm
Holy Family Church Hall, 661 High Road, Benfleet, SS7 5SF
5.45pm - 6.45pm
Runnymede Hall, Kiln Road, Thundersley, SS7 1TF
Teen Wing Chun 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Holy Family Church Hall, 661 High Road, Benfleet, SS7 5SF
Adult Wing Chun 8.00pm - 9.00pm
Runnymede Hall, Kiln Road, Thundersley, SS7 1TF




I started my martial arts journey in 2001 at ten years of age, as a youngster I was always inspired by martial artists such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan who showed not just impressive fighting skills but also showed good character and attitude.

Upon starting my training at Meridian Kung Fu I remember being absolutely blown away by the teaching style of Sifu Sata Chand and Sifu Steve Carpenter who just had something about them, displaying some awesome skill in wing chun but also having a huge amount of depth and wisdom, getting the best out of the students not just physically but on all levels and before I knew it I couldn't get enough of training!
I can't overstate on a personal level how much wing chun has helped keep me grounded through my teenage years and adult life, I have over twenty years of experience training at this point and I don't plan on stopping!
I now run both the Wickford and Benfleet branches and I hope that my students see the same benefits that I do through my martial journey, instructorship is an extremely rewarding experience and I do it full time, never looking back!

Inside Meridian Benfleet


Welcome to Meridian Kung Fu Benfleet! We have been an established school in the Benfleet area for over five years, catering to all age groups above the age of five, why not book a course if you are considering starting your martial arts journey?



Holy Family Church Hall, 661 High Road, Benfleet, SS7 5SF

Runnymede Hall, Kiln Road, Thundersley, SS7 1TF